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Yasmin Ratansi is your federal Liberal Party candidate for Don Valley East.

Serving Don Valley East

In the seven years that Yasmin has been MP, her office has successfully:

  • Handled thousands of files on immigration and visitor’s visa
  • Resolved complicated issues around tax and CRA matters
  • Assisted with CPP and disability issues, EI and other safety net issues

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Social Justice

As Chair of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women she brought about a Social Justice agenda through:

  • Introduction of Gender budgets to ensure a fair distribution of tax dollars.
  • Reforming tax policies to ensure economic security for women and children

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Fiscal Responsibility

As Chair of the Standing Committee on Government Operations she instituted the following:

  • Accountability Framework to bring about governance and transparency in operations
  • Making Ministers of the Crown account for their policies and action, through the

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As Member of Parliament, worked diligently with her colleagues in ensuring that:

  • Canadians are treated with respect by the Harper government
  • Human rights are protected for all Canadians
  • There is fairness in international aid

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